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I have no grievances about the service provided to me by West Hampstead Removals and would definitely recommend this company to others. Everything during the hectic time of moving home was carried out with a calm professionalism, which eased my worries and made the transition into my new house smooth and stress free. A great company!

  • Ross Guptill
  • 29Aug 2016

I've never had such an easy move, so I wish I'd hired West Hampstead Removals before. Their team handled every aspect of my move, so I didn't have to. They got things safely from one address to another and ensured the job was done quickly. Hiring a man and van team has never been this easy either, so you can't go wrong by calling them.

  • Jenna Matthews
  • 16Nov 2015

These guys were great. I live in an area where we have a lot of traffic and therefore the chance of delays is high but this company managed to work around it and still provide us with first class services. Thank you so much West Hampstead Removals Company.

  • Tara F.
  • 02Oct 2015

I had been looking forward to moving into my new house for months so when it finally came time to move, I wanted it done as quickly as possible. This meant it had to go smoothly, as a problem could delay everything. West Hampstead Removals were hired and they did the job better than I hoped. They had the task done in no time and prevented any problem for occurring. The process went so smoothly it almost felt like it hadn't happened at all. I write this in my new house, thanking them for their hard work they did for me.

  • Megan Lowe
  • 27May 2015